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Feed your tween’s imagination with faith content.

Shine Devotional Journals

As they move into their tweens (age 8-12), girls exponentially expand in creativity. Their imagination takes flight, adding complexity, detail, richness and variation to their writing, games, art and learning, along with their choice of books, music, clothing, decor and activities.

She’s developing a vivid imagination. Help her use it to reflect and pray.

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Let There Be...An Earth Day Reflection (pt.1)

Day 1 - Day and Night

Earth Day: A perfect time to study the Book of Genesis as a family!

We learn so much from the way God created our universe, our world, and our precious human family. Follow along the 7 Days of Creation (Genesis 1-2) with these family-friendly Bible reflections.

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Jesus Christ is where the candy is.

Easter is a favorite time in our household. I just love watching how each of our children understands this tremendous celebration, each in an endearingly age-appropriate way.

There are some things that kids of all ages, even our babies, just “get.” Darkness is a bit scary--and morning light means joy. When Dad and Mom are quiet and serious, the kids get quiet too, and a bit mystified. They wonder, what’s going on?

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Easing the Tween Transition

Those pivotal tween years. So many social, emotional and physical changes, jam-packed into so few years of life. It’s hard to tell who has a harder time navigating the passage out of “little girl” into “young woman”: the girls experiencing it, or their parents!

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Ideas for a faith-filled summer! Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about how the beauty and leisure of summer vacation can be a special time for families to grow in togetherness and faith.

Here’s the list we’ve compiled of ways to weave faith and prayer into your summer fun!

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Ideas for a faith-filled summer! Part 1

Remember the magic of waking on the first morning of summer vacation when you were a child?

Sweet outdoor smells were wafting in your open window--you wondered why the neighbor was already mowing the lawn--and you had nothing to look forward to but endless bike rides, popsicles, library books and spooky games of flashlight tag.

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Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Corfee

Stephanie Corfee’s whimsical and sweet designs grace the Wee Believers’ Let Your Light Shine™ Collection, which celebrates and encourages the God-given beauty growing in the hearts of today’s young women. We asked Stephanie to share a little bit about herself with our customers.

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