Founder’s Message


We make it our mission to encourage children everywhere to grow in virtue, build character and energize their passion for God—all while having fun!

Our story is built on the needs of gift givers, parents and those who influence children's lives: people who appreciate the power of wholesome, high-quality toys to inspire, educate and spark faith in children. As parents, we couldn't find what we were looking for in the toy marketplace, so we decided to get to work. And that is how the Wee Believers brand was born.

With every new product, we hold fast to our mission while following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who leads us on exciting new adventures each year.

Today, the Wee Believers Toy Company continues to bring purpose to play and to offer unique products that are child-tested and parent-approved. Our originality, craftsmanship, and thorough safety testing remain the foundation on which all of our toys are designed.

Children deserve pure goodness during play—and providing that is our privilege. Thank you for joining our family!