Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Corfee

Stephanie Corfee’s whimsical and sweet designs grace the Wee Believers’ Let Your Light Shine™ Collection, which celebrates and encourages the God-given beauty growing in the hearts of today’s young women. We asked Stephanie to share a little bit about herself with our customers.


Stephanie, your charming designs are just perfect for this line, which celebrates and encourages the goodness in our girls. I know you started drawing as a girl. What do you think kids should know when it comes to creating art?
It’s important for them to know that their voice and their artistic vision are already perfect; that their true gift is to offer their point of view and their unique way of seeing things, and then to create that/show that to the world. Art would be so boring if we all tried to do it the same way!

What was your favorite part about working on Shine products? And what tools did you use?
As an adult I'm inspired by kids, nature, color, flowers, still fashion....stories!! I love to tell stories or create a dreamy atmosphere with my art, so I enjoyed getting to work in a style that is very much mine. I was given the green light to create in my own voice. I used pencil, watercolor and white gouache and gel my computer for scanning and cleanup.

Do you do art with your own children? What kinds of things do you do with them?
When my kids want to be creative I make suggestions on topics for our art and then prod them about what tools might be best? What should we paint or draw ON? I think that this part is as important as the art-making itself.

Why is Let Your Light Shine™ and its message important to young girls?  
So many reasons. First, I think the Fruits call us to be thoughtfully reflective instead of selfishly reactive. The world can be so fast, demanding and centered on self. The Fruits of the Spirit remind girls to be proactive and more outwardly focused.

Is there a Let Your Light Shine™ design or Fruit of the Spirit trait (Gal. 5:22-23) you connect with most?
I think gentleness and patience are tied. I have a type A personality, and can be easily frustrated. So, patience and gentleness of spirit are always my goals. I admire and love people with these qualities. They show an awesome sense of perspective on life, on purpose, and on what is truly important: others! I would like people to think of me as a person who is gentle of spirit with limitless patience.

Where can we see more of your art and/or take one of your classes?
You can find me online at My website has links to my online workshops, my etsy shop and my licensing partners. I am quite active on Facebook and Instagram, so you can link up to those pages right from my website as well.


Wee Believers® Let Your Light Shine™ Collection proudly features all-original art by the talented Stephanie Corfee. With clients ranging from Precious Moments® to Target®, Stephanie is kept busy sending her designs out into the world on licensed products and one-of-a-kind accessories. She has been a gown designer and maker, a sketcher of portraits, a graphic designer and art teacher. Now, she creates original and commissioned artworks from her home studio in Pennsylvania. Her bohemian, colorful and whimsical personal aesthetic and her love of intricate detail make her the perfect artist to inspire girls to “let their light shine!” For more examples of Stephanie’s work, visit

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