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4 Lenten Letter-Writing Activities for Kids

5 Letter-Writing Activities for Kids during Lent

How is Lent going for your kids? Do they even know it’s Lent? Do they now hate Lent? Are they growing in their Lenten journey? Re-invigorate your kids' Lent with one of these 4 easy, free writing activities. All you need: a child of writing age, a printer and some markers!

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The Joy of Calling God "Our Father"

Our Father - What does "Father" mean to you? Why do we call God "Father"

When my kids hear “Father” they will think of someone who commuted 10 hrs round trip to care for them while mom was sick. They think of a man who sets aside his pressing tasks to play ball, ride bikes, read books. When they talk to him he looks them in the eye and listens....

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Ways to Affirm and Build Up My Child

Ways to affirm your children using words and activities that build them up.

Lately, it seems I’ve been scolding my children a lot.

I scold when they’re sluggish. When they fight, whine or procrastinate. When they distract themselves. When they’re too boisterous. All this seems to require me giving a lecture. Yes, my kids need discipline, but what can I do to build them up in goodness? .....

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Got Beauty?

I’ve thought a lot about how to be a more impactful voice for my girls than “the voice of the world.” But my challenge has been figuring out what we even mean by “the voice of the world” or “society” or “popular culture,” anyway.

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And when necessary, use words

“Encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thess. 5:11

Steve and I encourage our children to hand write affirmations to their siblings and other family members on birthdays and during times of difficulty with another. When we first began this practice, it was like pulling teeth to get them to lovingly participate. There were sighs, a plethora of avoidance behaviors (suddenly “remembering” unfinished homework, wandering aimlessly around the house looking for an eraser that “doesn’t smudge,” etc.).

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