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How to keep Sunday holy. For Moms and Dads.

 Can busy parents keep Sunday stress-free?

Last Sunday, I was up at 6 AM bathing a child who'd had a bed-wetting accident. Between the cooking and day-before-school prep, I had to prepare for 5 needy little bodies for church. In fact, Sundays are the most stressful day of the week for me...

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Thankfulness--When Thankfulness Is Hard

She told me that she was writing down 3 things that she was thankful for each day; 3 ways in which God had expressed His love for her. This made an impression on me, because, to my naive college mind, it seemed odd that anyone might find it difficult to be thankful. Later on in life, when I encountered more of life’s troubles, I learned first hand the effort it can take to be thankful. It’s hard to accept Christ’s love for us most especially when times are hard.

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