Advent Calendar Clings

$ 14.99

Get ready for the birth of Baby Jesus with our unique Advent calendar wall/window clings!

This reusable Nativity scene comes to life on your walls or windows through the holiday season with 24 numbered pieces and 20 additional accent clings. An educational insert coordinates with each piece, adding spiritual insight to the story of the first Christmas. Create a beloved Christmas tradition by reading each day’s short meditation as your child places the corresponding cling. Order in time to start on Dec. 1!

Meditation Excerpt: This wise man, whom we call Balthasar, lay his gift of myrrh at the feet of Jesus. Myrrh, a rare tree oil, was more costly than gold. The soldiers put myrrh in vinegar and touchd it to Jesus’ lips on the day He was crucified. Balthasar’s bittersweet gift foretold that Jesus would one day give His own life for the salvation of the world! (Copyright 2016 The Wee Believers Toy Company)

Includes: ~45 clings (Clings 3-8.5” -- “Stable” Cling 6x8”)
Ages: 3+
Package: 8.25x11”

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